Vegan Restaurants In Copenhagen

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Copenhagen for vegans

Copenhagen is among one of the European cities that are quite vegan friendly. The city is filled with numerous vegan restaurants where you can enjoy food ranging from simple vegan snacks, raw gourmet vegan food, interesting foreign vegan dishes and fast food that includes many different variations of burgers.

As a vegan, surviving Copenhagen as a tourist destination is quite easy due to the many vegan options. As a plus, you can find a wide variation of vegan foods in the local supermarkets. The budget supermarkets such as Netto offer usually at least 2-3 different brands of plant milk available, vegan cheese, vegan sausages, vegan minced meat, vegan yogurt and vegan butter alternatives. However, if you are looking for more precise vegan food, you can try the slightly more expensive alternatives such as SuperBrugsen, Irma and Kvickly where you can find different vegan cheese varieties, spreads, “meat”, vegan chocolate, cookies and a lot more. Føtex is another great option for trying to find some more interesting vegan options.

Explore some of the best vegan restaurants in Copenhagen below.

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