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We are moving forward, but we are not there yet. It can be difficult to find good vegan restaurants or cafes when visiting a new place. I made this page to keep it all in one place and make it easier for you to find the perfect vegan restaurant on your next trip to a new destination.

Currently, you can explore vegan restaurants in Copenhagen and Greece. More areas coming up soon!

Why Copenhagen?

I am writing about vegan options in Copenhagen as I have been living here for almost three years now and I am constantly trying to find new vegan options around the city and share them with everyone else.

Even though vegan options have evolved quite a lot in the past years they are still not as accessible as they should be. Copenhagen is considered to be quite vegan friendly but it is still lacking when it comes to certain vegan options. I hope in the future we can see more restaurants opening up. Remember, the higher the demand, the more accessible vegan options will be.

Why Greece?

I am covering some vegan options in Athens and Rhodes as I spent a large portion of Summer 2021 in the two cities. Keep in mind that some of those options may no longer be relevant so always check the restaurant’s official website before visiting.

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