Vegan Tips for Beginners

Transitioning to a vegan diet can be incredibly difficult for most. It is not just about changing your diet but also breaking through tons of habits that you have been building throughout your whole life. Being vegan is about a lot more than just what you eat and I hope the tips below can help you on your journey and make your vegan transition easier.

Vegan Cream Potatoes

Easy vegan cream potatoes to make in under an hour. They go well with your vegan meatballs, meatloaf or anything else you like! Perfect for the beginner vegan.

beginner vegan tips substitutes

Vegan Food Substitutes

How to replace eggs, milk and cheese in vegan recipes. Just a short introduction for beginner vegans on how to substitute products.


How to prepare yourself for a vegan diet

Transitioning to a vegan diet is not easy and there is a lot to consider when doing the switch. Whether you were a vegetarian before, eating everything, a pescatarian or something entirely different, there is definitely going to be a lot for you to learn and explore.

easy vegan buns

Easy Vegan Buns with Olives

Looking for some bread to eat on the side with your dinner? Or maybe something to have for breakfast tomorrow? Try the easiest vegan olive buns and surprise your taste buds!

easy vegan banana bread

Vegan Banana Bread

Looking for a budget-friendly easy, vegan snack? Banana bread is the perfect comfort food and one of the healthiest savory options when it comes to cakes.

tips for vegan meatloaf

A super easy vegan meatloaf

Any vegans missing meatloaf in their life? This is the perfect recipe for lazy vegans who want to eat something a bit tastier for dinner tonight or impress their partner with a quick vegan dinner.

vegan falafel tips

Easy Vegan Falafels

Love falafels but have no time to cook? Check out a really simple recipe for making easy baked falafels every day (if you wish to eat that many).

vegan tips for beginners

Top 5 Vegan Tips for Beginners

Here are some vegan tips I wish I had heard when I just started cooking vegan food. It surely makes it easier to keep those vegan tips in mind as you start your journey.


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About the Tips

I created this page with the aim to help those transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. The journey isn’t easy but with a little bit of help it doesn’t have to be too difficult either.

You can check out various vegan tips for beginners, easy vegan recipes and a lot more.

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