Tips for New Vegans

Deciding to be vegan is a big decision which can be incredibly difficult for many. It is not just about changing your diet but also breaking through tons of habits that you have been building throughout your whole life. Being vegan is about a lot more than just what you eat and I hope the tips below can help you on your journey and make your vegan transition easier. Remember, you got this! There is a lot of support out there – one of my favorite community is the vegan twitter community, so if you are feeling lonely in your journey try connecting with some vegans on twitter. Alternatively, big cities usually have vegan Facebook groups so you can try checking that out for your local area as well.

You are awesome for choosing to go vegan! 🌱


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About the Tips

I created this page with the aim to help those transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. The journey isn’t easy but with a little bit of help it doesn’t have to be too difficult either.

You can check out various vegan tips for beginners, easy vegan recipes and a lot more.

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