Plant-Based Meal Plan Week 2

If you desire another weekly meal plan (dinners only) to make your life easier, then this one is for you. Since I started planning my meals, my life became a lot easier, however during Week 2 I had a bit of a fail that I would like to talk about – I used so much oil that I ruined the whole dinner, so please, learn from me and DO NOT do the same.

We have this incredibly tasty meal in Bulgaria called Banitsa and I tried to cook a plant-based version of it completely unsuccessfully. When you get to Thursday you can read about my fail a bit more and laugh at my misfortune, if that’s the kind of thing you like to do.

vegan menu for dinners

Week 2 of January was a glorious week for me in which I got some essential skills needed to cook a good amount of new meals that I tend to make almost every week nowadays. Some of the best learnings from that week were related to asking people to rate the meals as we eat them so that I can figure out which of them are worth cooking again and which are ready to be tossed aside and never cooked again. On top of that, it feels pretty delightful when someone rates your meal a 9 or a 10. If it’s a low rating, you will usually know before the others even tell you, so I promise, it doesn’t hurt much to ask for feedback when you cook.


On Monday, we had a Vegan Beef Stew by SimpleVegan. Due to the fact I did not have red wine, the meal came out a bit poor in taste. However, I do encourage you to try the recipe as it was still quite delicious and provides with some very much needed nutrition for those of you who tend to go heavy on the carbs (like me!). It still contains potatoes, but the protein inside is tremendous compared to most of the other food I cook.

Rated as 6/10


On Tuesday, we ended up having what has now become one of my favorite plant-based meals – the vegan tofu coconut veggie noodles (this needs a shorter name). This is ina ll honesty one of my favorite meals now and the best part is that this recipe makes such a huge portion that you may actually have enough for lunch the next day. I am pretty sure I could eat this for a few days in a row and still feel excited by it.

Rated by my boyfriend as 10/10.

vegan tofu coconut noodles

Vegan Tofu Coconut Noodles

An incredibly tasty vegan meal high in protein, easy to cook and perfect for vegans who like huge portions. Enjoy vegan coconut tofu noodles!


On Wednesday, we enjoyed a vegan Chana Masala with Rice. Once again, I must admit, this was not much of a success. It is a fairly healthy and nutritious meal and I do recommend you trying it out but it is just not that exciting after you ate those coconut noodles the day before. However, I did not have fresh ginger on hand so I ended up using the powdered version which could be why mine was not that great.

Rated as 5/10

Check out the video for how to make it here:


Here comes the fail… On Thursday I tried to make a plant-based version of a traditional Bulgarian meal called Banitsa. I went out and bought myself a Violife Vegan Greek Feta to replace the cheese that usually goes inside and thought that would be all I needed. I mixed in some spinach in there and then I called my mom to ask for advice on how to make it as close to her version as possible.

vegan banitsa

She gave me measurements for the meal that she usually does and that is where I screwed up. My mom makes her banitsa with real cow cheese, eggs and yoghurt. I only had violife feta, which means that I definitely did not require as much oil as she did.

Long story short – if you ate more than 2 slices of this banitsa, you would faint from oil overdose…

1/10 do not recommend

By the way, there is definitely a way to do this properly and it would taste amazing. I have actually done it myself by only using spinach and it turned out great. This was just a really bad attempt.

Because I technically did not provide you with a meal for Thursday, I suggest a Lasagna Recipe instead. It might be nice to enjoy a lasagna on Thursday since the day before you would have rice and the day after another fairly healthy, not too exciting meal. Lasagna should then hit the right spot to make you eat healthier during the weekend since you splurged a bit already.

vegan lasagna banner

Easiest Vegan Lasagna

Love lasagna, hate eating meat? Just sharing here the easiest vegan lasagna recipe I have ever tried.


Vegan Picadillo

On Friday, I once again used a recipe from one of my favorite vegan bloggers Iosune from SimpleVeganBlog. I made a Vegan Cuban Picadillo and it was pretty great! One tip for anyone making this: Make sure to boil the lentils enough! You do not want crunchy lentils in this.

Because of my crunchy lentils this meal got a lower rating but if done properly, I believe it would be a solid 9.

Recipe here.

Rated as 7/10


Saturday was one of my favorite days because I enjoyed a seriously awesome vegan burger! It actually took me quite a long time to learn how to make plant-based burgers in a way that I enjoy them and what I find is that one needs to use a LOT of dressing and make sure that the last thing your burger is, is dry. You need the juices flowing, you need somewhere to dip the fries and you need to pick your favorite veggies too!

Rated as 10/10


On Sunday, I decided that a break is very much needed after those burgers, so we ended up indulging in some tasty chickpea and pea cream soup. I enjoyed the soup with a garlic baguette which is incredibly easy to prepare. All you need to do is:

  1. Buy a regular baguette and cut it in two.
  2. Mix two gloves of garlic (pressed) with a bit of oil and a pinch of salt.
  3. Pour over your baguette.
  4. Bake for 8-10 mins!
  5. Enjoy!
cream soup banner

Vegan chickpea and peas cream soup

Looking for an easy and tasty starter dish? Enjoy a cream chickpea and pea soup along with some olive buns for your next dinner. A quick weeknight dinner.

Let me know if you have any questions about this vegan meal plan or any of the dishes I prepared in that week.

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