Vegan Meal Plan Ideas

Coming up with what to cook and eat each day can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to reduce the stress and have proper nutrition each day is by planning your weekly meals in advance by creating a vegan meal plan.

Vegan meal plan ideas

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Vegan Meal Plan Ideas

In these vegan meal plans, you will find recipes which often focus on whole food ingredients with the occasional cheat meal. I put importance on creating meal plans which are easy to make and usually budget-friendly.

There are many basic vegan recipes with short ingredient lists and simple instructions. To keep things nutritious and flavorful, we focus ingredients like beans, almonds, and quinoa. We focus on using plenty of fruit and vegetables as well.

Even though whole foods are the focus, you will also find different meal plans with different focus. You may find high protein vegan meal plans, diet vegan meal plan or low fat vegan meal plans – all of which may differ in the type of ingredients and combinations used.

In these meal plans I focus on providing easy to follow recipes for beginners as I know that most of us are not so fond of cooking or find it time consuming. That is why the meals are often rather quick to prepare and aim to provide you with the nutrition you need to be a healthy vegan.

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