Eating Vegan in Rhodes, Greece

eating vegan in Rhodes

Traveling on a plant-based diet can be problematic at the least. You know the vegan game in your own city quite well by now, but what about when you are thrown into a small island, in the middle of the Mediterranean with no vegan food around? Then you got to do your research or just hope that restaurants will be nice enough to accommodate your requests and guess what? They will be! If you want to know more about vegan options in Rhodes, keep reading; if you are looking for THE BEST vegan option on the island – skip to the bottom and read about ONO by Marouli!

By the way, this post is not sponsored. It is based on my own personal experience with the restaurants 🙂

The good news

Finding vegan food in Rhodes will not be a problem if you are ok with eating at non-vegan restaurants that are willing to accommodate your requests.

During our trip to Rhodes in August, 2021, we were situated in Rhodes Town at the top of the island where there were hundreds of restaurants hoping to get you to grab a table and join them for a meal or two. The truth is that covid-19 has been so hard on those businesses that currently they will do anything to have your business – including accommodating your plant-based requests.

On the first day of our visit, we stumbled upon a nice local restaurant called RED Restaurant which had a nice vegetarian menu which they were willing to make into vegan for us. The service was lovely, the food was cheap and amongst many options they made for us a nice vegan burger which we appreciated a lot. PS. The fries were AMAZING.

vegan burger

The burger was nice, but a bit dry since they had to omit butter and the dressing. If you end up ordering it, make sure to request some ketchup to be spread on the patties as it will be a huge game changer.

Burger comes with peppers and some lettuce inside as well as a homemade veggie patty.

Shopping for vegan food in Rhodes

Sorry to disappoint on this one, but shopping for vegan food in supermarkets was quite difficult for us. We could not find any meat or cheese alternatives, butter or anything of the sort. However, one can easily find a lot of vegetable and fruit stands with fresh produce that they can enjoy for a low price. In most supermarkets you can also find vegan chips options, Flapjack, nuts, olives and other great snack options for when you are on the go.

ONO by Marouli 💖

I might be fangirling a bit as a write this because I honestly fell in love with this restaurant, the service and the food, after eating there every evening for 4 nights in a row. I do not even know where to begin in describing how cool this place is, how amazing their food was and how lovely service they provide. However, keep in mind this is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and check what you are ordering. No worries, everything that they have a vegetarian option of, they also have as vegan.

The place

ono by marouli vegan restaurant in rhodes

By Marouli is a small restaurant which you can find 2 locations of in Rhodes Town. The first one called To Marouli is in the old town, which is right by some amazing scenery of the beautiful walls surrounding the city, paired with lots of cute local vendor shops just a minute away. The restaurant offers an intimate atmosphere and allows for a casual dinner for 2 or a big feast for a larger group.

The second location (and my favorite), goes by the name Ono By Marouli and is a restaurant located just a minute or two walk away from the Best Western Plus Hotel Plaza. The restaurant is located on a small street and offers more of a “local” feel than the one in the old town. My experience with this location was that I felt a bit more of an intimate atmosphere and the service seemed to be better and more engaging. However, in both locations the food was fantastic and I have nothing bad to say about them.

The Food

So… where do I begin? Do you miss feta cheese? Do you miss actual flavor when going to a restaurant? Do you miss super good hot dogs? If yes, this is the right place for you. During our stay we got to try a wide range of different dishes and it is safe to say that the food never failed us. If you want to check out the menu by yourself you can do that here, or keep on reading for my reviews of the food we tried.

Hot Dog with Sauerkraut and Mustard (9.5€)

This was my favorite meal as I ended up ordering it twice. The hot dog they are using reminded me of a hot dog from my childhood which I have been missing in the last few years. The brand they use is Moving Mountains which offers a fantastically tasty selection of vegan meat alternatives. I hope some day we get Moving Mountains to Denmark 🤞

Since I hate mustard, both times they were nice enough to replace it for me with mayo and the hot dog was everything I ever dreamed of.

Burger (13.5€)

The burger was with vegan meat from moving mountains as well and was to die for. Must also mention that the fries were amazing and upon request we could get also vegan chili mayo instead of ketchup – something you must definitely try.

vegan burger with fries in Rhodes

Italian Pinsa (7-8.5€)

Pinsa is a style of hand-pressed dough that has been a part of Roman artisan baking and cooking for over 100 years.

For me this was a revelation because I ordered the pinsa which was with potato, rosemary, feta and parmesan and the cheesiness was overwhelmingly delicious! I had really been missing vegan feta in my life. This was probably one of my favorite things I tried during the whole trip.

vegan pinsa by ono by marouli in rhodes, greece

Greek Mix Plate (8.5-15.5€)

The plate includes Rhodian fresh cheese with balsamic cream, beet garlic salad, village bread, olives from Kalamata (those are amazing!!!), rocket salat and courgette-feta croquettes (to die for!).

This one was ordered by my boyfriend and it is safe to say that if you want to try something more local or Greek, you should go for the plate. Also, we got the big version and it came with some bread on the side, definitely enough to fill you up. However, I would not share it but rather take 2 separate plates.

vegan greek plate in Rhodes

Vegan Nachos (not sure about price)

Possibly the only meal that I did not love absolutely even though it was still tasty. To me nachos should have a lot more cheesiness to them and this was way too much veggie and way too little cheese for my taste.

vegan nachos by ono by marouli


Vegan Cheese Balls

This was my boyfriend’s favorite thing he ate during our whole trip. The vegan cheese balls were exactly what you want cheese balls to taste like – full of cheese flavor. If you are a fan of cheesy food, this one is going to absolutely blow your mind.


We really did love our experience of eating vegan food in Rhodes thanks to by Marouli. However, we do want to note that one must pay extra in their restaurant for ordering plant-based drinks (f.x. a plant milk latte costs extra) and we think that in a vegan/vegetarian restaurant that is not very cool. They have an amazing beer selection for you to try and the option to drink some tasty lemonade, a wide variety of coffees and a lot more.

Otherwise, we highly recommend by Marouli to anyone visiting Rhodes – vegan or not.

vegan food in Rhodes

Annie’s – vegan café in Rhodes

Annie’s is a lovely vegan café in Rhodes which offers a number of vegan mixed plates. It is a concept I have actually never seen before as they offer a wide variety of different dishes in the mixed plate such as bruschetta, pasta, samosa, etc. I love the idea though – it is for those of us who can’t decide what to pick and want to try a little bit of everything.

Just look at this amazing vegan plate:

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athens vegan options banner

Vegan options in Athens

Our favorite vegan places in Athens. Space gyros, pizza, burgers and more. Yay to Greek vegan food!

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