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Copenhagen is fascinating to tourists with its biking culture, tasty food, beautiful architecture combining the old and the new in unique ways. When it comes to visiting Copenhagen as a vegan – the city is definitely friendly and offers much to be enjoyed. From restaurants, to bakeries and grocery shops – Copenhagen is a great place to visit if you are vegan or on a plant-based diet. There are also quite a few options for grabbing vegan brunch in Copehagen – I will try to write about this in one of the next posts.

Whenever I visit a new city, I always look for three essential places – vegan bakeries, vegan restaurants and vegan food shops. I met a girl visiting Copenhagen not so long ago and she asked me which spots she should add to her Copenhagen vegan bucket list. It was not an easy list to make but I settled on six spots you must visit on your trip to Denmark’s capital.

These are the best 6 vegan places to visit if you only have limited time in Copenhagen.

Last updated: 14th of March, 2022

This vegan bucket list is based on my personal experience with vegan food and options in the city. Copenhagen is a truly awesome place to visit if you are looking for tasty vegan food, albeit definitely not a budget-friendly destination.

Without considering rent, Copenhagen has been found to be 14.04% less expensive than New York. However, the average price for meals in Copenhagen and New York is the same – around $20 for 1 meal in an inexpensive restaurant. Coffee, cappuccino and similar drinks are also more expensive in Copenhagen than in New York.

If you are visiting Copenhagen, make sure to look up the prices and menus first to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Even if you are on a budget, you will likely be able to find some awesome vegan restaurants and bakeries such as pastries from Landbageriet or a nice vegan dinner at Plads’n.

Copenhagen vegan bucket list

1. Café Kaf – vegan brunch and cake in Copenhagen

My absolute favorite vegan place in Copenhagen is Café Kaf! The café offers amazing vegan cake options such as cheesecake, chocolate cakes and pies, pastries and some of the best coffee around the city. You can get breakfast, enjoy some brunch or just have a cup of matcha latte. If you are visiting Copenhagen and love cake, you can’t miss putting café Kaf on your bucket list.

vegan cafe Kaf in Copenhagen

Cafe Kaf in Copenhagen

Cafe Kaf – best vegan cakes in Copenhagen. You can try a variety of vegan cheesecakes, pastries, brunch and more.

2. Eden Jaxx – best burgers

If you are looking for a good vegan burger in Copenhagen, you must try Eden Jaxx. The burger joint opened not too long ago, yet they already have 3 locations around the city. They have won multiple awards for their burgers and people often swear it is the best burger they’ve ever had – vegan or not. It is not so budget-friendly but if you can, you should treat yourself with one of their amazing burgers.

3. Landbageriet – plant-based bakery

Landbageriet is considered an “almost” vegan as they sometimes have non vegan options but every time I have been there I have only found plant-based options. If you are looking for some traditional Danish pastries, chocolate croissants, brownies or any other pastry you can think of – Landbageriet is the place to go. Their options are also rather budget-friendly – they match the prices in most non vegan bakeries.

4. Plads’n – for vegan pizza or just a coffee

Plads’s is one of the most budget-friendly vegan options for the amount of food you get. They offer fantastic service, a cozy atmosphere and some delicious pizzas. My visit to Plads’n has never been disappointing and I definitely recommend adding the place to your vegan bucket list in Copenhagen.

5. Pow Vegan Pizzeria – if you are looking for more pizza

Definitely the best vegan pizza I have had in the city. It is not the kind of place to sit down and eat but you can get the pizza delivered to your home or hotel or pick it up yourself. If you love pizza, you can’t miss visiting Pow.

6. Irma – Rantzausgade – for groceries

This may seem a bit odd but Irma at Rantzausgade has an amazing vegan selection. They have different kinds of vegan meats, cheeses, snacks and candies. I recommend visiting this store if you are looking for some unique vegan snacks or food to try or bring back home as a surprise for someone.

When it comes to shopping for groceries, you can find vegan options in almost every supermarket out there. Every grocery shop has plant milks and at least one vegan option when it comes to vegan meat or cheese. You can check out my favorite vegan meat alternatives in Copenhagen here.

If you have any questions about visiting Copenhagen and want more recommendations, you can reach out to me on Twitter.

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