Vegan Options at Restaurant Dej – Copenhagen

Vegan options Dej restaurant Copenhagen

Restaurant Dej seems to be a place which tries to bring Danish Hygge and Italian food together – providing vegan options along the way. I don’t often write about restaurants which are not completely vegan but I am so happy that Dej tried to cater to vegans so well in their menu that I wanted to spread the word.

I do hope some day they decide to go fully vegan but until then – we can enjoy some of the options they have. The higher the demand for vegan food – the more vegan options we will get out there!

I am only referring to the location of Dej located in Magasin near Kongens Nytorv as that is the only one I have visited myself ( by the way, Dej actually means dough in Danish).

The mood and service at Dej

We were left with very good impressions of our visit to restaurant Dej. We were greeted by a smiling personnel that took care of us every step of the way, explaining what we can get a vegan version of.

If you decide to visit – make sure to reserve a table by the window because the best part about the place (apart from the food) is the amazing view of Kongens Nytorv. There aren’t many places in Copenhagen where you can get such an awesome view.

view from restaurant Dej

Vegan Options at Restaurant Dej

At Dej, you can currently find 4 vegan pizza options such as chorizo pizza, pizza with potato and spinach and mushroom pizza.

You can find a vegan panini with chorizo for 69 kroner.

You can also try the vegan pasta Rossa with tomato, basil, olive oil, vegan mozzarella and at least two optional toppings which are vegan – I had truffle pesto and oyster mushrooms on mine.

Dej also offer weekend brunch but unfortunately I have no information yet on whether the brunch can be made vegan or not (I am guessing yes, but not sure yet). I will update you on this as soon as I know. They do have some vegan appetizers such as hummus and focaccia so it is likely possible.

You can explore their full menu here.

vegan pasta Rossa
Pasta Rossa with vegan mozzarella

Explore more vegan options in Copenhagen here.

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