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Update: Plant Power Food Copenhagen has unfortunately closed since November 2021.

Have you been searching for vegan restaurants in Copenhagen? There is surely many of them and unlike some other cities in Europe, being vegan in Copenhagen is quite normal. The stores are becoming fuller and fuller with vegan food and it is becoming easier each day to be vegan.

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Plant Power Food is a special vegan restaurant in Copenhagen that offers a lot more than just your regular vegan food. All the dishes are prepared with care, interesting to look at and most important of all – incredibly tasty. If you want to impress someone – or convert them to veganism – that may be one of the first places you need to take them to when visiting Copenhagen.

At Plant Power Food, they believe in the power of plants just like we all do. They use healthy, seasonal ingredients with high quality which they consider to be necessary for best taste and visual experience. Not only is the restaurant completely vegan, but also puts a great focus on zero waste – just the way we like it. If you’re a fan of zero waste, you can check out how to turn your vegetable scraps into broth.

Exploring the menu

At first glance, the menu looks a bit threatening – only because the dishes include so many different ingredients that the explanation becomes a bit long – and that’s a good thing!

You can start your experience with a Starter Bowl – a powerful mix of potatoes and super greens, accompanied by pickled red onions, avocado and raw crackers. The Bowl is dressed in tahini dressing, sprinkled with herbs and marinated roast buck wheat – Yum!

As a main dish, you can try a Grilled Oyster Mushroom – grilled oyster mushroom sticks sprinkled with miso/cashew dressing and topped with edible flowers. The dish is served with a slice of lemon and herbs.

For dessert you can try the Sweet Potato Truffle – covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles.

Explore the full menu here.

Have you ever tried a turmeric latte? That’s definitely something to put on your bucket list and something unique you can try when visiting Copenhagen.

Plant Power Food Vegan Take-Away

Not only can you enjoy a perfect experience at a high quality vegan restaurant in Copenhagen but if staying at home is what you prefer, you can indulge yourself in some fantastic dishes anyway.

You can order the Power Bowl, Black Bean Porcini Burger, Ricepaper Rolls and Mashed Greens. Check out the full take-away menu here.

Need catering for your next party? You can also find catering opportunities by Plant Power Food for your next event.

More about Plant Power Food

  • The restaurant serves non-alcoholic drinks only – which could be a good thing. Enjoy those tasty mock-tails and beers without tomorrow’s hangover.
  • The restaurant is owned by Chef Neel Engholm & athlete Casper Bilton.
  • Owner & chef Neel Engholm has previously worked as head chef and menu developer in numerous vegan venues in Copenhagen and Barcelona.
  • They do a lot to be environmentally friendly and responsible including using straws that are made from corn and using natural alternatives for chemical cleaners.

Each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and one animal’s life.

Plant Power Food Copenhagen’s location

Plant Power Food Copenhagen is located next to Queen Louise’s Bridge and a lovely part of Nørreport filled with many other cute cafes, local shops, markets and second-hand shops. The location is next to the lakes which means that after a lovely dinner you can go relax by the lakes and let the food set in. If the weather is good, you can enjoy Plant Power Food’s take away and sit by the lakes enjoying your vegan dinner.

If you come around 16:30 and your dinner starts at 17, you can check out the local Red Cross shop on the same street and buy a new (old) book or whatever else you may need at the moment. Shopping second hand is a lot better for the environment than buying new items and we all know it.

On top of that the Nørrebro Theater is just a 5 minute walk (or less) away which means that you can combine a play with your vegan dinner too.

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