Favorite Vegan Meat Alternatives in Copenhagen

vegan meat replacements

If you are visiting Copenhagen or you recently became vegan and live in the city, you may want to know where to find the best meat alternatives, how much they cost and how they can be used. Vegan meat has never been as common in Copenhagen as it is now – there is virtually no store in which you can’t buy vegan meat from nowadays (mostly minced meat, but sausages, chicken/taco strips are common too). Now, it would take me forever to include all the options in the various supermarkets so this point aims to serve as a quick overview of some possibilities for those who need to find some meat alternatives in the city.

Note: I live in the center, so I have not taken in consideration options in Amager or other locations far from the city center. I have also not considered online options as this post is for those who need to find food in the city.

Favorite meat alternatives in Copenhagen and where to find them

I have a few favorite meat alternatives that I have picked out over the last two years and often use in my meals. I will avoid pricier options such as Beyond Meat and focus on more affordable vegan meat alternatives instead.

Best minced meat – Naturli’ All Star Minced

vegan meat alternative

My favorite minced meat is Naturli’s All Star Minced. I have used it for a wide variety of dishes and it never lets me down. It is best on Vegan Pizza, Lasagna and for Bolognese sauce for your pasta.

Ingredients: Water, pea protein (20%), rapeseed oil, coconut oil, mushroom, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, spices, beetroot concentrate, fermented dextrose, stabiliser (methylcellulose), malt extract (BARLEY, WHEAT), natural flavouring, acidity regulator (citric acid). Read more here.

Other awesome meat alternative by Naturli that you should not miss is their All Star Burger. Best of all, Naturli’ offers affordable options that are incredibly tasty for the price. The minced meat can often be found in the store for 3.50-5$ (20-25 danish kroner).

Best Alternative to Chicken – Hälsans Kök Filet Pieces 

filet vegan chicken

These are seriously the best I have tried so far replacements for chicken filet pieces. The meat is so tasty that the first time I made it, my partner couldn’t believe it was not real chicken. I love to use it when making vegan rice with “chicken” and some mushrooms with cream sauce – incredibly delicious!

Those fillet pieces taste amazing if you miss creamy chicken with rice. How? Simply cook your rice according to package instructions and set aside. Cook your filet pieces on a pan in a little bit of oil, add paprika and salt, and a pinch of black pepper. Then, add vegan cooking cream and mix the chicken well with it. Lastly, pour the sauce over the rice and enjoy one of the easiest, tastiest meals you’ve tried!

The filet pieces can be found in Føtex shops and usually cost around 30,- (4,78 $).

Best (and cheapest) firm tofu

Although tofu may not be meat, it is often used as an alternative so it makes sense to mention which one of the best is and where it can be found. This one, without a doubt depends a lot on taste. My favorite tofu is the firm one and I find that it works best as a meat replacement in different dishes (particularly Asian inspired cuisine).

You can visit Netto to find a cheap firm tofu which costs only 15,- (2,39 $). It is the tofu made by Netto’s Spir brand which also offers some awesome options such as vegan potato salad, vegan schnitzel and vegan kebab. One of my favorite recipes which I always use this tofu for is the Tofu Coconut Noodle meal.

vegan tofu

Other affordable vegan meat replacements:

Vegan Kebab

vegan kebab

Like Meat – Like Kebab – costs around 25-30 Danish kroner. Super alternative if you want to make some pita kebab at home or for tortilla wraps. Also great on top of vegan pizza!

Vegan Sausages

Hälsans Kök and Naturli offer some great alternatives to sausage that are tasty and affordable. Both range between 25-30 Danish kroner. However, the Naturli is cheaper as it is 300g while the Hälsans Kök are only 150g. Even though the Naturli sausages are cheaper, I actually think they have more flavor than the others and I definitely prefer them. Both can be found in Føtex shops.

Not a fan of meat alternatives? Try this vegan burger instead – simply made of kidney beans, nutritious and full of flavor.

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