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Update: MadenItaly is unfortunately permanently closed 🙁

For the vegans craving some awesome Italian food

As the first vegan restaurant in Copenhagen, Made in Italy is quite special. MadenItaly started out by making awesome vegan pizzas in Copenhagen street food. After reaching a high level of vegan toppings, they decided to take it to the next level and open a full on vegan Italian restaurant.

The restaurant opened in April 2018 and since then has expanded to include pasta, desserts and various cheeses. With a 100% vegan menu, one of the most important goals for MadenItaly is to make sure they work sustainably, never compromising on the quality and sustainability of the food they make.

“Many things are always changing here at MADENITALY but you can always be sure you will be greeted with a smile and food that is: plant based, full of taste and made completely from scratch, based on a responsible choice.”

The MadenItaly Menu

The selection may not be enormous but it includes everything you need for a perfect vegan Italian dinner.

As a starter, you can try the Bruschetta with aged cashew cheese which comes on toasted bread with tomatoes, olives and aged cashew cheese – Yum!

As a main dish, you can choose between pizza, pasta, lasagne and gnocchi. You can try the Tagliatelle Carbonara pasta which is with carbonara sauce, smoky mushrooms and a parmesan alternative.

As a dessert and in case you need a bit of an energy kick, you can enjoy the Vegan Affogato which is esentially coffee with vanilla ice cream and looks like this:

The Vegan Shop

Apart from awesome dishes that you can get at the restaurant or as take-away, you can also buy some plant-based cheese on their website. You can find Camembert cashew cheese, Gondino Stagionato cheese, a variety of aged cheese and others.

Shop Cheese Here.

Opening times and location

Current opening times (September, 2020)


The location is quite amazing as it is just a minute’s walk away from Copenhagen’s iconic Nyhavn (It’s the street with colorful houses that you see on all the postcards and pictures). After a full on vegan Italian dinner, you can enjoy a boat ride along the Copenhagen canals which starts exactly at Nyhavn and add onto your “Italian” experience.

With a score of 4.7 out of 5 (360 reviews!) MadenItaly is surely something new to try whether you’re vegan or not.

Got any questions? You can contact MadenItaly right here.


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