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Update 03.08.21

We recently went to give Flavour Bastards a new visit and were quite disappointed. It was a Saturday lunch time and the only options available were the brunch options, so we ended up ordering a Queen Waffle and a Scrambled Tofu Toast.

The presentation of the food as you can see is lovely but the taste not so much. The taste for both our meals felt overdone and WAYY too high in flavors mixing with one another leaving an uncomfortable aftertaste. While I do still think it is a good place for a vegan dinner, I would personally avoid their brunch options.

The Waffle costed 125,- (20$), and the toast was 90,- (14,30$), which I personally think is way too high for what you get. It is definitely not a place to go to if you are on a budget. The outdoor seating was also not the best, forcing us to sit very closely to other people which I do not appreciate as much during the pandemic.

From my previous experience (April, 2021).

I was not lucky enough to try Flavour Bastards before corona came to town and decided that we will all be deprived of the restaurant experience for so long. However, I recently finally decided to order some take out and finally give Flavour Bastards a try.

It is actually sad that it took me so long to try their food since the restaurant is located so close to my home – only a 5 minute walk! Since the pandemic started, I have been rather slow when it came to trying new food since I am not a big fan of takeout. I like to cook my own food and the main reason I usually eat out is to really just enjoy the whole restaurant experience – service and mood included.

Flavour Bastards

Flavour Bastards offer plant-based meals such as burgers, pasta, hummus bowl and others. Their menu is not so big currently due to the pandemic, but there is still something for every taste.

At Flavour Bastards they put high importance on quality and taste. However, those aren’t the only important aspects of creating a quality meal – they make sure their products are always ecological and sustainability is always in the back of their mind. Because of that, they sometimes even order products from their local community.

Everything on their menu is 100% so you can just pick anything from the menu, order online and enjoy a cozy night with tasty food (also available to order through Wolt).

My experience with Flavour Bastards

I do have some really great things to say about the restaurant – tasty food, quick service, quality ingredients and more! However, while this is quite unusual for me, I must admit there is something I did not like – it is possible that it was just my personal taste but nonetheless, I will briefly mention that too.

Let’s start with the drink.

Passion Fruit Lemonade

flavour bastards passion fruit lemonade vegan

The lemonade was great – there is really nothing more to say than it was exactly what I wanted it to be. A hint of lemon, combined with a hint of passion fruit merged together to create the perfect drink to go along with your burger. Would definitely drink this again and do you see the super cute bottles it comes in? I don’t know if the bottles are from recycled plastic but I am personally going to reuse mine a bunch of times just to make sure it isn’t just wasted plastic for one lemonade… I sure hope it isn’t.

Price per lemonade: 7.20$ (45 dkk)

The Pulled Jack Burger

vegan pulled jackfruit burger flavour bastards copenhagen

Nothing to complain about here either. The bun was soft and crispy at the same time, the filling was superb, the dressing was not exactly my favorite but combined with the rest of the ingredients it worked! The coleslaw worked super great with the pulled jackfruit and provided an awesome experience. I am sure that most of you would love this burger no matter what you usually go for. I also think the amount of burger was fair for the price (at least for Copenhagen prices that is).

Price per burger: 12.81$ (80dkk)

The Truffled Pasta Bastardo

truffle pasta vegan flavour bastards

Now this one tricked me a bit…

On my way home as I was walking, I was almost mesmerized by the amazing smell of the truffles. I was so looking forward to eating that pasta because of the smell that I thought I was going to faint.

However, me and my partner both agreed that the taste of the pasta and truffles was masked with overly high use of mustard. The taste for us was just of mustard with very slight hint of truffle. I was actually quite disappointed with this one and I could not even eat it because I am usually not a fan of mustard.

The description of the pasta online says “Pasta penne & mushrooms in a homemade creamy truffled pumpkin sauce. Topped with coconut bacon.” It does not unfortunately say anywhere that there is mustard inside so I highly suggest they change that. Luckily I had my pulled jackfruit burger which was so tasty that it made up for this unfortunate pasta meal.

Price per pasta dish: 16.01$ (100dkk)

What I loved about Flavour Bastards

I think the food in general was different and it provided a unique taste because of the wide use of lime and lemon in their meals. Even the fries came with some lime dip on the side.

The service itself was also superb, I got my food quickly and it was ready the moment I arrived. The packaging was great and my food was still warm 15 min after when I arrived home. The size of the dishes is also appropriate for the prices and if you like mustard you will probably enjoy the pasta as well.

If you want to try more vegan food, I definitely recommend giving Flavour Bastards a try on your next visit to Copenhagen!

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