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Update on the Eden Jaxx Experience: 20.02.2021

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Finally got to try some of those amazing vegan burgers after anticipating them for so long. It has been many months since the opening of the Eden Jaxx vegan burger restaurant in Copenhagen and the first time I managed to try it out (thanks to COVID), was Valentine’s day 2021. I was really patient with this one!

We wanted to do a bit extra for Valentine’s day and neither me nor my partner wanted to cook so that was the perfect day to finally try those burgers we’ve been dreaming about. We opened up the Wolt app and onboarded the delicious journey.

Since Eden Jaxx began their vegan journey in Copenhagen only a few months ago, they have become one of the best vegan restaurants in Copenhagen. I really think the place is only going to continue to grow and expand and offer us a lot of quality vegan options. I hope to eventually see them to expand beyond burgers but if not, this is great as it is. I guess others think it’s awesome too since they have a 9.4 out of 10 rating on Wolt!

What we ordered:

2x The classic Meal

Burger with beyond meat patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, organic pickles, smoked cheese and homemade burger sauce.
Served with seasoned fries, fresh slaw with mint and your choice of double dip – we both chose chili mayo.

1x Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake to share

The result:

How good was Eden Jaxx?

Delivery came at the exact time specified thanks to Wolt and I enjoyed being able to check exactly where the courier is – love that feature! Delivery was contact free.

I have to admit, when we opened the bag we were a bit disappointed with the size of that cheesecake which costed almost 11$.

Eden Jaxx cheesecake
Eden Jaxx Cheesecake

It was rather tiny and I did not feel the feeling of a cheesecake as much – it seemed more like a chocolate mousse but nonetheless it was incredibly tasty!

local tip

The burger and fries
I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the burger, fries and dip. They were heavenly, it was the best vegan burger I have bought, the cheese was good, the sauce was wonderful as well. Don’t even get me started on that amazing chili-mayo… The size was also great and both me and my boyfriend felt absolutely stuffed after finishing our meal so I doubt anyone would feel ever hungry after it.

It might just be me but I personally don’t get the point of the coleslaw as it did not even have dressing. Perhaps it might be a good idea to dress it a bit?

Otherwise, really a fantastic, tasty experience and I recommend it.

Probably one of the best things about Eden Jaxx (apart from the fantastic burgers) is their design – I mean look at those bags! The bags are so cute and those notes the always leave on the boxes? AWWww, love it.

It has been a while since the restaurant opened and I still have not had time to visit it. My schedule has been crazy and I really hope I get to go soon.

Scroll Down for UPDATE ON THE MENU

The restaurant is going to primarily focus on selling those “real sexy” burgers.

brb… I need to go grab a snack before I am able to continue writing this.

The menu

So far, EDEN JAXX has held us in a bit of a suspense but with a huge social media presence they recently revealed some of the items on their menu for which we are incredibly excited about.

The burger featured right above is “The Classic“, consisting of a beyond meat patty, homemade pickles, red onion, tomato, lettuce, smoked cheese and a special burger sauce which has not been revealed. Sign me up!

You can also find “The Rudimental” which consists of Slow Baked Portobello with Garlic & Thyme​, Roast Aubergine Slice​, Red Onion Marmalade, Lightly Pickled Cucumber, Lettuce, Smoked Cheese and Green Goddess Sauce. I am not planning on missing out on that one either.

I must say that I have loved EDEN JAXX’s fun online presence so far and they haven’t even opened yet but have managed to build a brand that makes me excited to be one of the first customers to visit the place. You can check out a fun burger tasting and the rest of their Instagram page to learn more:

Update on the Menu:

Apart from the sexy burgers, a lot more has come by now onto the Eden Jaxx vegan menu:

The Meal

Any single burger, organic seasoned fries, fresh slaw with mint, any double dip

The Double Meal

Any double burger, organic seasoned fries, fresh slaw with mint


Organic Fries with dip

Fresh Slaw with Mint

Smokey Barbecue Tofu


Oats with Homemade Cashew Milk

Topped with banan, pecans and maple syrup

Quinoa and gluten free Oats

Spiced with cinnamon nutmeg and topped with pear compote

Acai Bowl with Homemade Cashew Milk

Topped with banana, fresh blueberries and sweet roasted almonds

Seeded Rye Bun – Smoked Cheese – Tomato Relish

Breakfast Burger

Baked portobello mushroom, avocado, tomato, red onion marmalade


Two thick slices of sourdough with organic peanut butter cut into chunks and berry jelly dip

Smoked grilled cheese and Celeriac Sandwich

Red onion mamalade


Organic Cheesecake

You can use WOLT to make your Eden Jaxx order and see the full vegan menu.


When it comes to interior, we really don’t know much about the place yet but I have a feeling that it will not disappoint.

You can explore the EDEN JAXX menu on their Instagram and soon they will reveal a lot more details about the restaurant (we hope)! If not, I guess we will have to go and see for ourselves.

*Update coming as soon as I get to visit the restaurant!

Read an update on my experience with Eden Jaxx here!

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