Dough Girls Donuts Copenhagen – a place to get some vegan donuts

Dough Girls donuts

Dough Girls Donuts are located close to the lakes and near Nørreport station. The place is one of the few donut shops in the city which offer proper vegan donuts. By proper, I mean that the donuts actually taste good and they do not overcompensate by putting a million pieces of candy or topics on top of the donut to mask up the taste.

If you are looking for some vegan donuts made from scratch – Dough Girls Donuts should definitely be on your vegan bucket list for Copenhagen. If you are in the area, don’t forget to visit Landbageriet – which is a plant-based bakery just 2-3 minutes walk from Dough Girls Donuts.

Donut options

You can find various vegan donut options such as their original Glazed donut (Soft & fluffy on the inside and deliciously dipped in organic Madagascan vanilla glaze) starting from 29 kroner ($4.30).

The donuts are definitely not budget-friendly as the more interesting ones go up to 44 kroner which is $6.55 for just one donut. However, as an occasional treat, I think the price is fair considering they taste wonderful and are higher quality than most donuts out there. They have a wonderful FAQ section on their website, where they clearly explain why the donuts cost what they do if you are interested in learning more about the business.

“Great food is made with great ingredients (among other things like great, skilled staff). Great ingredients cost much more than crappy ingredients. You get what you pay for.”

vegan chocolate donut from DOugh Girls donuts in Copenhagen

You can find a variety of vegan flavors and some out of the ordinary combinations such as Apricot and Basil – Doughnut ring with apricot and basil glaze, apricot jam and a sugared basil garnish.

Explore the full donut selection here and remember that there are some unique donuts they have each day which are not on the website.

About Dough Girls Donuts in Copenhagen

At Dough Girls Donuts they value good taste – and good coffee that goes well with your donut.

They focus on quality, taste, and ingredients which one can tell after tasting their creations. It makes me happy to see that they champion local producers and use organic ingredients as much as possible. However, not all of their donuts are vegan which is a bit sad but hopefully in the future they make the decision to go fully vegan for the animals and the environment.

You can also find gluten-free donuts but from what I see none of their donuts are both gluten-free and vegan.

Where can I find Dough Girls Donuts?

You can find the donut shop at Frederiksborggade 50, 1360 Copenhagen K.

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