Vegan Brunch at Café Høegs in Copenhagen

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I usually refrain from writing about cafes and restaurants that are not fully vegan. However, I had such a tasty brunch there that I feel like I must spread the word. Café Høegs is one of those hybrid establishments – a place for breakfast and brunch up until lunch, a regular coffee place the rest of the day and a bar up until 11 o’clock in the evening.

We visited café Høegs at 11 in the morning on a Saturday and managed to order from their morning menu. Like many other brunch places in Copenhagen, you get a huge card with many options for brunch out of which you can make your own brunch depending on your likes and dislikes. You can choose between 3, 5 or 7 options out of the list.

vegan brunch in Copenhagen at Cafe Hoegs

What we loved at Café Høegs

  • So many vegan options! Seriously a lot of good stuff you can get vegan – including vegan sausage and amazing potato pancakes (rosti) which I highly recommend.
  • Good service and tasty coffee – oat milk being an option, of course.
  • Adequate pricing – you get quite a lot of food for what you pay. Just make sure to order the bread basket with vegan butter (if ordering 3 to 5 options) – if not, get the 7 dish version to make sure you are full.
  • Great outdoor seating area for the warm days.
  • Warm and cozy inside for the cold days!
  • Good amount of seating options – not too crowded.
What we did not love at Café Høegs
  • Not a fully vegan restaurant – be careful.
  • Only one vegan dessert option and they did not have it available.
  • Décor is not the best – this may be subjective but I am not a fan of the old chairs.

Where to find Café Høegs

You can find the café located in Vesterbro – one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant neighborhoods full of shops and great places to eat. You can find galleries, art exhibitions and interesting shops in the area.

Not too far from Café Høegs, you can find Skydebanehaven which is a small, lovely park to check out on a sunny day. Nearby is also Enghaveparken which is a bit bigger and offers more space to walk around and enjoy the sun (if there is any). Lastly, the café is actually rather close to Frederiksberg Have and if you have a bit more time, I recommend you check that out rather than the other two parks I mentioned.

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