5 Easy Vegan Salads

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The winter seasons are infamous for the season that allows us to put on a few pounds and that’s totally ok… How can one say no to vegan meatloaf during Thanksgiving or some vegan lemon cake?

The best part about salads like these is that not only do they taste amazing but are also super healthy for your mind and body – something that you definitely need in those cold winter months.

The reason I avoided making salads when I first became vegan was that salads always seemed to have these weird ingredients I had never heard of and dressings that nobody would bother making. I was always quite lazy with salads thinking that they should require no work and should be done in 5 minutes maximum. I was missing out on a lot! Salads can actually be a full, satisfying vegan meal if you don’t bother spending just a little extra time.

I have picked out the EASIEST vegan salads for you to enjoy because I know that many of you are lazy like me (it’s ok, I get it).

1. Full on Vegetable Salad (The Best Easy Vegan Salad by TheLiveInKitchen)


If what you are looking for is a simple vegetable salad that does not contain too many surprises, then that’s the one for you. Even though it’s quite typical, it is the perfect salad for a refreshing dinner or as a side to your dinner.

2. Kebab Salad or Chickpea Shawarma Salad by A Couple Cooks.

salad with chickpeas

This one is for those of you vegans missing the taste of Shawarma. I have always been a big fan of the white sauce that comes with kebab, so quitting it was a bit difficult for me. This salad is obviously not the same, but it will surely satisfy many of your cravings in a healthier way.

3. The Detox – Kale Quinoa Salad by A Couple Cooks.

quinoa salad

This one is for the days where you need to catch up on your greens. Quinoa with kale is an awesome combination that brings joy to vegans and is brought to its best with this dressing! Enjoy on a busy weekday as it is super quick to make too!

4. The Zucchini Noodle – Asian Sesame Zucchini Noodles by GoodHousekeeping.

noodle salad

Zucchini, while mostly consumed cooked, can be eaten raw and are an awesome vegan replacement of your regular pasta! None of the carb, all of the fun!

5. Superpower Beans or the 15 minute Cowboy Caviar by TheCheekyChickpea.

bean salad

This is the salad that is often the only vegan option at a buffet. It is the salad that has saved me many times from starving on gatherings. I love all kinds of bean salads as they taste great, have lots of protein and are able to quickly make me feel full.

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