Cafe Oha – Vegan Brunch in Copenhagen

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For my birthday this year, I decided to try the vegan brunch at Cafe Oha after seeing so many good reviews on it in the past few weeks. Cafe Oha offers a full vegan breakfast that actually covers all requirements for a full vegan brunch/breakfast.

The Vegan Brekky

They call it the Vegan Brekky and you can purchase it for 159 Danish kroner which if you ask me is a bit overpriced but everything in Copenhagen is so no surprise there. Compared to other vegan brunches and breakfasts, I would say that the price is actually worth it.

vegan breakfast at cafe Oha

As you can see you will get a large plate with mixed breakfast items such as the classic oatmeal, avocado, rye bread, waffles, pesto and some fruit.

I would say that the highlight of this plate – and something you can’t find many places is actually the vegan “tuna” (under the lemon). It does not taste exactly like tuna but it is tasty and different and something definitely worth trying.

For me the waffles are winners – I love a place that actually offers a proper vegan dessert that is not vegan yoghurt or oatmeal. However, prepare to ask for some extra syrup as the waffles do get a bit dry if you eat them at the end – they have soaked up all the sauce by the time you are done with the rest of this plate.

Other vegan items on the Cafe Oha Menu

Apart from the vegan breakfast, they have some other yummy products you may want to try if you stop by.

They have a vegan three course dinner menu which I have not tried but it is definitely on my to do list!

Apart from that you can try their vegan BBQ portobello poke bowl, lemongrass miso soup, and spring rolls (not sure if vegan but they should be).

I believe they have vegan desserts as well but it depends on the day and you can’t find information about that on their website.

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