Best vegan restaurants in Copenhagen

vegan restaurants in Copenhagen

Vegans in Copenhagen are quite lucky. I’m not saying you can find vegan food everywhere (quite the opposite), but compared to other cities in Europe, it is a heaven when it comes to the wide choices of restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops. Here, I’d like to focus on presenting some of the best vegan restaurants around the city. If you’re new to Copenhagen or visiting the city over the weekend, you will find this useful. If you’re a Copenhagen local, then you might just find a new place to try. Whatever the case is, without further ado, here are the best vegan restaurants in Copenhagen.

This list is in no way the ultimate list of vegan restaurants in Copenhagen and is subject to change, depending on new restaurants that appear and new visits that I pay to these places.

vegan dining

Plant Power Food

Plant Power Food offers more than just vegan food – it offers a dining experience that you can enjoy whether you are vegan or not. All the dishes will not only completely satisfy your palette, but your eyes too – they’re beautiful and you can see that every part of the meal has been well thought of. One of the best things on the menu to try is the Grilled Oyster Mushroom which is sprinkled with miso/cashew dressing and topped with edible flowers. If you like mushrooms, it seems like Plant Power Food enjoy incorporating them into their menu (with success)!

If you’re more into having a snack, you should know that’s an option too. Among other things you can enjoy a toasted bread served with sunflower spread and topped with cress or a selection of fresh veggies served with peanut butter or curry dip.


With its three amazing locations in Copenhagen, Souls can definitely impress almost anyone. Souls is the kind of restaurant in Copenhagen where you can take your non-vegan friends to show them just how awesome vegan food can be! At Souls Ark Nørreport you are surrounded by a cozy environment which is inspired by Danish design. You can enjoy casual fine dining and a menu guided by the seasons and both local and global influences.

This style of dining welcomes you to share your food with your dining partners (but you obviously don’t necessarily have to!). At Souls Østerbro you can enjoy a Bruschetta (Three servings on grilled sourdough bread: tomatoes marinated with vanilla and lime/ homemade cashew ‘feta’, olives and dill / almond pistou and avocado), a Mushroom and Truffle Burger (‘Beyond Meat’ patty, ‘cheddar’, rocket, truffle vinaigrette. Dressed portobello, shiitake powder, confit garlic and chive mayonnaise. Served with fries.), and finish off with Hazelnut Truffles.

SimpleRAW Copenhagen

SimpleRAW is a vegan restaurant to visit when you want to experience something new which your body will also be extremely grateful for, it is also for those who don’t believe that raw food can be very tasty – an opportunity to change your mind.

SimpleRAW is based on the raw mindset which means that the food at the restaurant consists of raw food which is mainly made up of unprocessed whole, plant-based, and often organic foods. The food is prepared by vegan chefs who have a wide knowledge and huge enthusiasm for preparing vegan dishes.

To start the day, one can get the tasty “Morgentallerken” which is translated from Danish literally as Morning Plate, which consists of chia “pudding”, fruit, bread, avocado, rice paper with tofu, parsley spread and greens! The best way to start the day.

MadenItaly in Copenhagen

We can’t talk about the best vegan restaurants without including an Italian restaurant. In fact, we are so lucky that we get to just go out and enjoy Italian cuisine in the middle of the city (without hurting animals), that we sometimes forget it.

“Many things are always changing here at MADENITALY but you can always be sure you will be greeted with a smile and food that is: plant based, full of taste and made completely from scratch, based on a responsible choice.”

To get your tummy full, you can choose between some of our favorite Italian dishes – pizza, pasta, lasagne and gnocchi. You can try the Tagliatelle Carbonara pasta which is with carbonara sauce, smoky mushrooms and a parmesan alternative that will make you keep coming back for more.

42Raw in Copenhagen

42Raw offers incredibly delicious food and non-vegan visitors often report that they are highly surprised by how tasty vegan food can be – if you’re looking to take your non-vegan friends somewhere, that may be the place. The restaurant offers a lot of bowls that are served with a smile and later bring a smile to your face too. The bowls that you can find on their website or social media look exactly like those you will get served – you get exactly what you see.

If you are into junk food you can try the kind of junk food that WILL NOT affect your health in a negative way. You can begin with their Classic Burger (Bun, vegan patty, romaine salad, tomato, marinated red onions & chili mayo). Next time you go, you can opt out for a bit more spice by trying the Spicy Burger (Bun, vegan patty, romaine salad, salsa fresca, jalapenos & chili mayo).

With a score of 4.2 on Google Maps (with over 590 reviews!), you will not be wondering why they got such a good rating.

These are some of my favorite vegan restaurants in Copenhagen so far and I am happy to say that the variety we have in the city is quite satisfying. Did I miss any? Which is your favorite vegan restaurant?


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