Cafe Kaf in Copenhagen

vegan cafe Kaf in Copenhagen

Denmark’s first plant-based patisserie – Cafe Kaf

Cafe Kaf is special as it is Copenhagen’s first plant-based patisserie. The place offers coffee, tea and cake, as well as pastries, brunch and lunch.

Their focus is on creating tasty and beautiful cakes. They have a wide variety of bread and cakes to choose from but are also continuously trying to come up with new interesting cakes and recipes. That is why you can always expect new things to pop up on the menu as time goes.

I honestly think these are the best vegan cakes you can find in Copenhagen! I will never get tired of visiting cafe Kaf and trying new cakes. If you visit them in February, you can try some authentic Danish fastelavnsboller – special pastry which Danes eat this time of the year as they celebrate Fastelavn.

“Fastelavn is an old tradition and has deep cultural roots. It is based on the Roman Catholic tradition of celebrating the days before Lent. At Fastelavn, kids “knock the cat out of the barrel” with a bat. Or in Danish, “Slå katten af tønden”. In the old times, a black cat was literally put in a barrel as a symbol of evil and beaten to death. This was done to ward off evil.” Read more here.

And yes, they do serve gluten-free alternatives!

Cafe Kaf’s Menu

For me, Cafe Kaf is one of the best vegan places in Copenhagen. It gives me hope that some day we may be able to go to ANY cafe and not have to ask “is the croissant vegan?” knowing very well it is not. Cafe Kaf make it look effortless in creating a vegan cafe that has everything what non vegan cafes have – and MORE.

In the mornings, you can enjoy Kaf’s delicious, freshly baked sourdough buns out of which you can have one with butter, avocado, chives, truffle oil and lemon, with butter and cheese if you want something simple, or with butter, avocado and cheese. The perfect start of the morning for those who like a good bun in the morning.

You can enjoy freshly baked croissants with butter and cheese or with homemade nutella and jam.

If you’re looking for the full thing – you can enjoy Kaf’s complete or Kaf’s complete deluxe where you can get a huge brunch consisting of Kaf’s best buns and croissants (all up to your choice).

There is also a variety of lunches such as a Crispy Grilled Croissant, filled with with cheese, spicy sausage, mayo, marinated semi-dried cherry tomatoes and spinach. What more could a vegan want?

There is a lot more on the menu, and a lot more that you can find if you simply go there yourself. I promise, it will not disappoint.

See the full menu here.

Order a cake online

Every cake you may think of or dream of, you can probably find on the menu in a plant-based version. From fruit cheesecakes, to pies, to triple chocolate cheesecake to raw caramel bites, you can definitely find the cake you want.

They also accept special orders, so if you got a cake in mind that you can’t see on their menu, then you can write them at or call: + (45) 42 42 59 43 and get the cake of your dreams anyway!

Kaf is the kind of place that really makes me happy. It makes me happy because you can go from something as simple as a bun to something as complicated as all those elaborate cakes and have it all in one place. It allows us to go and have a nice doughnut with our best friend and enjoy it – all without having to worry about hurting animals or whether we are supporting a place that thinks about our future. At Kaf, they care about ecology, fresh ingredients and of course animal welfare, and believe that these principles are the way forward.

This cake was purchased at Cafe Kaf:

Check our Kaf cafe’s Instagram account to explore their selection of yummy vegan cakes and pastries:

In 2017, cafe Kaf won the award for the Best Vegan Eatery of the year by the Danish Vegan Association and in 2018 was nominated by the Berlingske for “Best in Town”.

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