A super easy vegan meatloaf

Cooking this today. What about you?

Vegan Ducks

Budget vegan meatloaf

I love eating potatoes. If I could, I would probably eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, other people don’t seem to feel the same as I do. That is why whenever I make potatoes, I have to also figure out what to cook as a side dish. If I wasn’t eating vegan, I guess I would make some meatballs or a steak but that is not an option anymore. Vegan meatballs are great but one can easily get bored of them – as I did after eating them twice a week for a month. Sometimes I substitute with vegan potato balls but that (despite being super tasty) can also get a bit boring if eaten too much.

That is where vegan meatloaf comes into the picture to bring some diversity to your kitchen table. This veggie-loaf is probably one of my favorite things to cook…

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