What do vegans and vegetarians eat for breakfast?

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There seems to be a separation between the world of vegans, vegetarians and those who eat it all. There are so many ways in which a diet can be described – there is pescatarians, paleo, low-carb, flexitarian and so much more currently going around.

However, we are all familiar with the major 3 – the ones who eat everything, the vegetarians who eat everything except all kinds of meat products and the vegans who eat a fully plant-based diet. There still seems to be some sort of debate on what vegetarians actually eat, but generally it is considered to be those who avoid all forms and types of meat, while still consuming dairy and eggs.

The research

I conducted a research including 130 participants, most of which were vegetarians and vegans to find out what they eat in the morning. The research was done for fun – I wanted to see what people eat in the morning, to generate ideas (what are others eating in the morning that we can eat?) and even to see what kind of nutrition different groups are receiving at the start of their day. I know that 130 participants is not that much but it was fun to do anyway.

I managed to get a mostly vegetarians and vegans into the survey which is very useful for the feud that seems to be going on between the two and useful for comparing the two diets when it comes to breakfast.

The 4 other, which I chose to leave as “other” were: the first – a flexitarian (avoids meat as much as possible but still consumes it), another one – ovo-lacto vegetarian, which is a vegetarian who consumes some animal products such as eggs and dairy but completely excludes other animal products. One was a omnivore who simply avoids meat almost fully but still enjoys some from time to time and the last used to be vegan (or plant-based) at a point in his/her life before and gave answers based on that.

For those who may not know, a pescatarian is a person who does not consume meat but eats fish. A flexitarian is a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish.

What do vegetarians usually eat for breakfast?

While we can’t just conclude that all vegetarians eat the same stuff for breakfast (especially not just from 58 respondents), we can find some common foods that are generally consumed in the morning.

The most popular food to eat at breakfast is cereal with a total of 17 vegetarians consuming it in the morning. Oatmeal seems to be one of the favorites with a total number of 11 vegetarians enjoying it for breakfast. I mean why wouldn’t they? It is one of the cheapest and most nutritious things to enjoy in the morning and it actually keeps you running for quite a long time.

The most popular foods to eat for breakfast (for vegetarians) are oatmeal, fruit, cereal, cheese, yogurt, bagels, avocado, granola, pancakes and coffee.

vegetarian breakfast

Other less common breakfasts include granola, muffins, bagels, pancakes and of course, almost everyone’s favorite – coffee.

*The respondents could list more than one item and many of them listed a couple items for their usual breakfast.

It’s a bit funny how people actually consider coffee a breakfast and without a coffee there can sometimes really be no morning. I have myself tried quitting coffee a couple of times – once I did not have it for over 2 months but I saw no benefit to this so I ended up drinking it again.

How many hours after breakfast do vegetarians get hungry?

The answers vary and the truth is that if you asked anyone, that’s a pretty difficult question to answer and it depends a lot on the day, morning activities and breakfast.

According to the survey, most vegetarians are hungry around 4 or 3 hours after breakfast.

How many hours after breakfast do vegetarians get hungry?

hungry after breakfast

What would you eat if money was no object?

Breakfast and the food we eat in general is often determined by our income. It was interesting for me to see if people would change their answers if money was no object and what would then the desired breakfast look like?

It was interesting to see that a whole of 11 vegetarians would not change a single thing if money was no object. The other most common answers mentioned the following foods as better alternatives:

  • acai bowls
  • more fruit in general
  • fresh smoothies
  • more avocado
  • better/fresh bagels
  • more nuts and seeds

Interestingly, there was almost no animal products mentioned in what people would eat if money was no object. Could that mean that what stops vegetarians from eating vegan is the perception that eating fully plant-based costs more?

What do vegans usually eat for breakfast?

With a total of 40 vegans, we can’t really conclude much. However, we can still use the data as a source of inspiration and a look into other vegans’ breakfast habits.

The most common vegan breakfast is… Cereal, toast and peanut butter (not eaten together). All were given as an example by 13 people each, with banana coming in with 9 and smoothie with 8 respondents. All of that sounds like a healthy and nutritious breakfast, possibly high in protein too if we consider how much we can find in peanut butter and the nuts that may go into smoothies.

vegan breakfast ideas

Other common items on the breakfast table include hummus and avocado. Lastly, we also have bagels, leftovers from last night, porridge, bread and of course, coffee. Interestingly, a lot less people mention coffee as an option compared to the vegetarians. Only 3 vegans list coffee with their breakfast, while 8 vegetarians do the same (out of which 3 list coffee as the ONLY breakfast they eat).

How many hours after breakfast do vegans get hungry?

Very similar to the vegetarians, most vegans get hungry 4-3 hours after breakfast.

How many hours after breakfast do vegans get hungry?

What would vegans eat if money was no object?

Now one of the questions I find most interesting. As a vegan, I find that I often limit myself during breakfast because I don’t want to spend too much money on it – vegan sausages and some vegan cheese do cost quite a lot currently. We can only hope that they become more affordable in the future.

I found that the answers when it came to what breakfast would look like if money was no object were quite varied again and even creative. The answers include items such as:

  • Tofu Benedict
  • A good egg replacement like “JUST EGG”
  • The same (given by 3 respondents only)
  • Vegan cream cheese and other spreads
  • Freshly baked goods
  • Tofu and spinach
  • More fruit
  • Acai bowls (again)
  • Fancier smoothies
  • Fancy toast

And my favorite answer of all “Everything. Literally nothing would be off limits.”

I would personally go for a chickpea scramble with vegan sausages and freshly baked bread, yum!

Not that different

If there is one thing we can note in this short research, it is that vegans and vegetarians have quite similar breakfast habits and if we exclude the cheese they get similar nutrition in the morning.

However, it may even be possible that vegans get more protein in the morning due to the high use of peanut butter. Obviously, we can’t really conclude that from one survey but we can surely discuss it. Do you feel like you get good nutrition in the morning? What could you do to start off the day better?

I know I could quit eating buns every morning and be a bit less lazy when it comes to making my chickpea scramble. I could eat a bit more oatmeal instead of cereal and I can surely try to tone it down with the coffee a bit… Anyone else having coffee for breakfast a few times a week?

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