Where to grab a vegan bite near King’s Cross Station

vegan restaurants in London

Finding a place to eat as a vegan is not always an easy task. That is why I decided to launch a new type of articles aimed to inform about the vegan options in some of Europe’s major cities.

London is a magical place when it comes to a lot more than just food. As the United Kingdom’s capital, stretching back to to Roman times, London is popular with its culture and iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben. Visiting London never gets boring as there is always something new to see – that also applies to vegan restaurants and cafes which are continuously popping up all around the city.

eating at a vegan restaurant

If you happen to find yourself near King’s Cross station looking for something vegan to eat, you’d probably find whatever you need right here.

I was a bit sad to find out that there is actually not that much diversity around King’s Cross but there are still some good options a few minutes walk away.

1. Thenga Cafe

14 minute walk from King’s Cross

“Delicious vegan food with a touch of spice”

At Thenga Cafe, you can find a menu created from European and Indian cuisines with a “large pinch of Bengal”. The vegan food there it made with fully natural ingredients while an importance is placed on generating as minimum as possible waste. A great focus on both health and the environment.

“Our head chef is the talented Nippa. Strongly influenced by her Bengali culinary heritage, her food also includes Mediterranean elements from 17 years living and working in Italy.”

2. What The Pitta

21 minute walk from King’s Cross

What the Pitta offers some options that should satisfy every craving you got. On their menu I can’t help but notice their signature Vegan Kebab and just reading about it is making me drool!

Our signature Vegan Doner Wrap comes as a Full-house. Freshly made flat bread, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Pickled Red Cabbage, Hummus, Tzatziki, Jalopeno Peppers.

Not fan of Kebab?

You can also try a Falafel Kebab – Homemade falafel balls seasoned with authentic spices, tahini dressing and chilli sauce in our freshly made bread. Comes with a mixed salad of lettuce, onion, tomato, pickled red cabbage, humous, tzatziki & jalapeno peppers. Allergens contains: Gluten (fresh bread & falafel mix) Jainism: contains garlic and onion.


3. La Valle

3 minute walk from King’s Cross

While not fully a vegan restaurant (at least it seems so based on the Beef Lasagne) La Valle offer a lot of options for you to grab a full lunch or even dinner and satisfy almost every craving you got.

Some of the Vegan options you can find are:

Vegan Moussaka Salad Box (Vegan)
Vegan Moussaka with a selection of 2 Salads

Foodilic Combo Salad Box (VEGAN)
Selection of 4 Vegan Salads

Beetroot Falafel Salad Box (Vegan)
Beetroot Falafel with a choice of 2 Vegan Salads

Mediterranean Butter Beans Salad Box (Vegan)
Mediterranean Butter Beans with a choice of 2 Salads

Got a nice place near King’s Cross where one can grab a vegan bite? Let me know and I will add it to this list!

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