Frequently Asked Questions about Veganism

frequently asked questions about vegan

Top 5 most frequently asked questions about Veganism

Let’s face it, people love asking questions all the time. On Twitter lately, I see a lot of arguments and discussions about why people can’t seem to leave each other alone about what they eat. The vegans are bugging the “others” about what they eat, and the “others” are bugging the vegans about the same. The harmony is quite disrupted and there is nothing to do about that currently except try to answer as many of those frequently asked questions as possible.

Five questions really can’t cover even a small portion of what vegans are asked on a daily basis but it is definitely one way to start answering them little by little.

1. Who eats vegan?

A person who eats vegan is a person who avoids eating all food that may origin from an animal. That includes avoiding meat (and fish, I am always blown away how come fish isn’t simply also “meat”), dairy, eggs, and even honey.

Why honey? You may wonder. Find the answer here.

Being a vegan can be anything from a dietary choice in order to improve health, to an ethic to stop animal testing, and remove animal ingredients not only from food but also from all kinds of cosmetics, clothes, perfumes, skin products – pretty much anything you can think of. The idea is to treat animals with respect as much as possible and stop treating them as objects, the idea is compassion towards all beings.

reasons to go vegan

2. Is it better to become vegan all at once or do it gradually?

This one is a hard question to answer as it depends on the individual. For some, it is easier to stop it all at once (like me), while for others a gradual switch towards veganism by, for example, stopping meat for the first month and then slowly everything else, may be more fitting.

The most important thing is it to do your research, make a plan and see what works best for you. There is no right or wrong.

3. Do vegans get enough protein?

This one is common. It seems that there is a belief that protein hides itself in meat products and is almost impossible to find anywhere else. That is very far from the truth as protein is high in many plants, legumes and other things that vegans eat.

If you’re worried about not getting enough protein, you should know that foods like beans, nuts, and tofu with most meals will significantly increase your overall protein intake and you will not have any problems. Many athletes who require a lot of protein are on a vegan diet (if you don’t believe me, ask google).

4. How can vegans get enough Vitamin B12?

vitamin b12 for vegans

It is true that vitamin B12 is hard to find in non-vegan food but that does not mean that vegans are deficient of it. Just like non-vegans often need to take a different range of supplements or just like the government started putting iodine in salt because people were not getting enough, sometimes vegans may also need to supplement with vitamin B12.

However, a lot of vegan foods are fortified with vitamin B12 such as oat, soy, rice or almond milks, vegan minced “meat”, vegan hot dogs and a lot more. That means that vegans may often don’t really need to use supplements to make sure they got enough of B12.

5. Why do vegans not want to eat free-range eggs?

While, you may currently be thinking that it is absurd not to eat something that may just rot if left untouched, the truth about “free-range” chickens is a lot different than you think.

Beware: The following lines may be disturbing!

The truth is that free-range chickens are often sent to their death long before they even reach midlife, sometimes a lot earlier than that! Not too different from what happens to factory animals – these chickens are replaced by younger ones as they start being unable to lay as many eggs as before – making them unprofitable.

A lot more coming up

These are just some of the many often asked questions about veganism. Got a question you get asked all the time as a vegan? Let me know in the comments below or email me!

If you are considering going vegan, you can check out some useful tips here.

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