5 funny myths about veganism

vegan myths

When you decide to try a vegan diet, whether you are a beginner vegan or someone who is been on a vegan diet for many years, it will be essential for you to hear all the myths out there that you will eventually stumble upon (so that you can get a good laugh). As with everything else in life, people love storytelling and are constantly coming up with all kinds of myths about what being vegan is like, what it leads to or what it means.

I personally have had a fair share of laughs discussing many of those myths but I think it will be fun for you to see for yourself what is out there too. Superstition or truth? Let me know what you think!

vegan myths

1. Being vegan is unhealthy!

I think this one has been going around since the first person ever decided that they want to try eating vegan. It seems to be mind-blowing to many people how one can survive without eating dead animals and dairy products. How can something we have been doing all our lives be healthy – they ask.

However, after so much research has been done at this point we all know (even those who say they don’t agree) that people on a vegan diet are a lot more likely to eat a good dose of fruits and vegetables in a day, have reduced risk of different kinds of cancer, and are less likely to be obese. Apart from that, you can just go around town and see plenty of thriving, healthy vegans!

2. You need to drink milk to get calcium!!

This one is rather funny to me. It seems that a person who would say this never really understood that just because something is advertised as containing something essential to survival, it is also the only way one can acquire it.

Apparently, leafy vegetables like kale have so much calcium that are able to compete with dairy products. On top of that, the plant milk you can buy at the store usually contains all the calcium and B12 you need to go around and be healthy.

vegan plant milk

3. Being vegan is so difficult.

I really gotta disagree with this one. Maybe it’s a bit difficult in the beginning to get used to a vegan diet as someone who never tried it before, but after a while (just like anything else in life), it will become second nature to you.

However, this may highly depend on the kind of person you are. If you enjoy cooking and like vegetables generally, you will have it a lot easier than others who never cooked in their life and are starting from scratch. The good news – if you learn how to cook vegan food and ever have to cook “non-vegan” again, it will seem like child’s play.

It can really be super cheap to eat vegan once you get the hang of it. I have already offered a lot of easy budget-friendly vegan recipes that you can check out.

Explore more vegan recipes here.

If you are afraid of not being able to snack like before you should be happy to know that most chips out there are actually vegan by accident! On top of that, there are plenty of easy vegan snacks to try out.

4. Eating vegan makes you weak.

How about you say that to all the athletes out there competing and winning medals on a vegan diet. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger weak? Because he is also vegan. Don’t believe me? Check out 19 vegan athletes who are vegan right here. I think there is a lot of strong evidence that shows that in no way does a vegan diet make you weak. All you have to make sure is that you are eating right and not allowing yourself to be hungry. As with any other diet, you need to get the right nutrients and you need to eat the right amount to feel your best.

5. Vegan food is so boring.

Well if that was true I would not be eating vegan. I am a fan of taste, I always want my food full of flavor and if vegan food was so boring, I am not sure if I would be able to do it either. The truth is that with access to the internet, people experimenting with new recipes every day, you could find any meal you are craving. Vegan lasagna, vegan parmesan, vegan pizza – all of it is a possibility and it tastes amazing. By the way, vegan steak is not out of the question either!

What do you think about those myths? Has anyone ever argued with you about any of these. The one I encounter most often is the argument about why we need so much milk to grow strong and survive. It seems that over the years the dairy industry really did an amazing job with their advertising.

God a funny myth about being vegan you’ve heard? Please let me know, I’d love a good laugh. 😀

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