Vegan on a budget Part 3

how to be vegan on a budget

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Today’s topic is on burritos! I was never one to make burritos until very recently when I found out how incredibly versatile and easy they are to make. You can also prepare a bunch of them in advance which is also pretty great.

Before we dive into the burritos recipe, I would like to share some simple breakfasts I like to have that are both cheap and tasty. Breakfast was one of the most difficult meals for me to figure out when I became vegan for the first time, because I really did not want to bother with spending a lot of time cooking in the morning.

Easiest vegan breakfasts ever:

vegan smoothie
  • Banana and spinach smoothie

    Smoothies have always been difficult for me. They always cost so much to make and getting the ratios right can be tricky. That is why I managed to find the easiest, simplest, cheapest smoothie ever.

  • ALL you need:
    1. 1 Banana
    2. Some Frozen Spinach
    3. Oats (around 3-4 tablespoons)
    4. Water (enough to cover the whole mixture)

    Mix all of it together and you have a nice green smoothie to start the day with! It also tastes pretty alright!

vegan oatmeal
  • Simple oatmeal

    Oatmeal is already pretty simple… However, I found a way to make it even simpler. If you buy the fine oatmeal instead of the big, you can just heat up hot water in the kettle and pour it over the oatmeal!! After 1 minute, you have ready oatmeal. Add whatever else you feel like such as a spoon of agave syrup, any nuts or fruit you have, voila! Takes no time and there are no dishes to clean after!

Now after we got breakfast covered, let’s get to the burritos:

Easy vegan burritos (free-style)


  1. Any vegetables you have (literally anything)
  2. Tortilla wraps
  3. Any sauce you have (vegan mayo, salsa, pesto, etc, whatever you got)
  4. Cooked rice
  5. Canned beans or normal beans any kind you like
  6. Oil you like and any spices you like (for beans)
  7. Pickles (optional, but I love it!)

Note: cook the rice and beans (if you don’t use canned).

Note: can even work without vegetables, but it gives it a kick.

How to make easy vegan burritos:

  1. Cook the beans in a bit of olive oil and put whatever spices you have on hand. After a few minutes (3-5) set the beans aside.
  2. Cook the rice if you haven’t and set it aside.
  3. Put whatever sauce you have on the tortilla wrap
  4. Fill a tortilla wrap with a tablespoon or two (3,4, whatever you like) of rice and beans, add veggies and pickles if you like.
  5. Fold the burrito – see how to fold here if you haven’t done it.
  6. Fold in aluminum foil and set aside to cool.
  7. If you eat it right away you can warm it in the oven for 5 minutes or eat cold.

    If you want to eat later just put the vegan burritos in the fridge (mine hold fresh for about 3-4 days).

    For a more detailed, a bit fancier and full burrito recipe that I love you can check out this one.
ingredients for vegan burritos

One extra tip I’d like to share:

Don’t let recipes limit you! You can usually use anything you got in the fridge to most recipes. Use leftovers you got and try not to throw food away. Recipes often limit us with the requirements, that is why I encourage you to cook more free-style. Put what you like, remove what you don’t like, don’t listen to recipes as much (including mine).

For more ideas, check out all recipes here.

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