The Law of Karma (Cause and Effect)

the law of karma

The law of Karma is probably one of the most popular ones in pop culture and widely discussed in regular speech. We have all heard the expression “it’s karma!” when somebody does something bad and then something unfortunate happens to them.

The principle from the “7 spiritual laws of yoga” is not that different from that.

 Every action we take generates a force of energy that returns to us in kind—as we sow, so we reap.”

The Law of Karma

What the law of Karma is all about is our choices and what we want to achieve with our actions. When we consciously choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.

If you do thinks with negative intention then the “seed” you plant is such as well. What will thus grow from the seed you planted will not be a positive reaction but a negative one.

Therefore it is important to always keep in mind the intentions behind your actions and to make sure they are always positive, that when you do things for others you are wishing them well, that negative thoughts stay far from you and your actions are guided by good.

What to do to keep the Law of Karma in check?

  1. Be conscious of your choices
    – Try to be aware of how even the smallest action and choice can have a big effect. Of course, don’t overthink too much but try to be aware of how your actions will generate results.

  2. Think before you talk
    Just like actions, words also have the power to generate enormous results. Be aware of how your words affect others and what the words you use mean. Of course, be aware also of the intention behind your words – make sure you never want to hurt someone with them.

The Law of Karma is one that can be deliberated and considered in almost everything we do all day long. It is one to always keep in mind and be aware of – everything you do plants a seed and depending on the intention behind your actions and words, you can decide what kind of tree to plant.

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