Being Vegan on a Budget Part 1

vegan on a budget

Eating vegan on a budget usually seems a bit impossible for vegan beginners and they are not wrong. I have been experimenting with veganism for over 2 years now and in the beginning one of the most difficult things to do was to cook under a budget since I kept experimenting all the time (usually failing and having to get new food). However, time has taught me that it is indeed possible to eat vegan on a budget.

The start of eating vegan on a budget

The truth is that you will not just automatically know how to buy the right things. In the beginning you might find yourself filling up the cupboard with nugget replacements, vegan burgers, vegan yogurts, vegan cheese and all kinds of things that are very expensive and you do not really need to have all the time at home.

While you will definitely need to experiment to find what works for you, over the years I have found some of the best vegan meals that you can cook at ANY time you feel hungry, always have the ingredients at home, and spend very little while eating something healthy and tasty.

You might also find that eating vegan on a budget depends a lot on how much you are able to cook in the first place. For people who have been cooking for a while this meal is obvious. Of course, you can put the leftovers with the rice and cook something great. For those who don’t have much cooking experience – it can be a lifesaver!

My favorite cheap vegan meal

(with ingredients that usually don’t go bad quickly!)Rice with any vegetable you have.

This one may be obvious but it actually took me a long time to realize that with a lot of spices and any vegetable, rice can really taste amazing. How I do it is in the form of a somewhat “risotto”.

1. Rice (around 2 cups) or as much as rice you want to make (NO RULES HERE)
2. Any vegetables you have (whatever amount you have)
3. Spices (anything such as oregano, paprika, basil, cumin, curry, really whatever you have at home)
4. Onion
5. Any kind of oil you like
6. Soy sauce (optional)
7. Water

ingredients for easy vegan rice

Recipe for easy vegan rice:

1. Warm up a big pan or whatever big thing you have for cooking with some oil.
2. Put in the cut up onion and stir around for 2-3 minutes. You can do it longer if you want, I think personally I like it better when I do it for around 4-5 minutes but it is up to you.
3. Insert vegetables among with spices you have and soy sauce(optional). Stir them around for 4-5 minutes.
4. Add rice and stir quickly around.
5. Add water enough to cover the rice.
6. Let it boil and then turn down heat a bit and simmer (stir around occasionally).
7. When all the water is gone, check how it tastes, if you like it, voila, if you don’t add some more water, salt, or whatever else it may be missing and wait a bit. Try again and do the same depending on whether you like it or not.

You now have the cheapest, easiest, vegan, healthy, nutritious meal! And you probably spent close to nothing on making it.

Cooking rice with any vegetable you have left is also a great way to make sure you do not throw out food. We can all rarely finish all the food we buy before it gets bad which is really a shame. Those leftover broccoli and peppers can easily go into the rice for a nice simple vegan meal.

Check out Part 2 of eating vegan on a budget.

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