The Law of Pure Potentiality

A lot of us tend to forget we have potential. Today’s world seems on the surface very competitive, people are constantly striving to achieve amazing things and many of them succeed. However, that is often done in a way in which those who are not quite there yet end up feeling useless and as if compared to others they are “lacking potential”.

You can’t change the way things currently are – the world seems competitive and harsh. What you can change is your perspective on the subject.

The law of pure potentiality

The law itself I learned from one of my favorite books “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga”. The book is a great base for those who want to learn about yoga, not just as an exercise but as a source of spiritual and mindful development as well.

The law states that “at the core of your being you are pure awareness“.

Pure awareness is considered the base of all possibilities and highlights creativity in all its forms. The law is a lot about remembering every possibility and how creativity can come in many different shapes and sizes. Often when you compare yourself to others and feel like you are behind, you are unable to see all the ways in which you are going forward, all your creative energy, all your potential.

“Pure consciousness is your spiritual essence and the source of your joy in life.”

The law of potentiality and the Ego

In the 7 spiritual laws of Yoga, they talk about the “social mask”. That is the mask you wear in front of others and quite often that social mask thrives on approval, strives to control and is sustained by power.

That leads to you (or your ego), living in a constant fear of the mask being taken down and you losing approval, control and/or power.

How to explore the Law of Potentiality

To explore the law of potentiality there are three things described that you can perform in your daily life or during yoga practice.

  1. Cultivate stillness (both in body and mind).
    By being “OK” with being still, trying to quiet your mind and accept silence and stillness, you will learn to directly experience the benefits that come from pure awareness.
  2. Try to always witness everything that happens.
    I always think of this situation that keeps happening to me sometimes when I go to the store. It often happens that I am waiting in line at the supermarket and someone before me forgot their wallet. I notice that the person forgot their wallet and I offer to pay for them while they MobilePay me (a possibility to pay someone through phone which we have in Denmark).

    The interesting thing is that often there is many people in front of me who do not even notice the person forgot their wallet (or if they do, they do not offer to help) and is struggling figuring out how to pay – they are not aware. Next few times you go out, I challenge you to be completely aware, not only for yourself, but also for others. You never know when you might be able to make someone’s day.
  3. Stop judging
    This one is a bit tough but so highly rewarding. We spend so much of our day judging everything around us. Judging how the food tastes, judging what people are wearing, doing, judging ourselves if we are good enough. Can you imagine how much energy you would save if you stopped judging for a day?
    Give it a try!
How to unlock potential

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