How to wake up early (overdone, I know)

I contemplated weather to join the everlasting discussion on how to get up early and after a bit of thinking, I decided that despite the topic having been overdone, overtalked, overtaught by all of us, there is still a bit more I have to say that may be a bit different since it is purely based on my own personal experience.

Waking up early – all about reason

The truth is that none of the tactics usually described work.

Put your phone in the other room – it only leads to me getting up to the other room to turn off the alarm and then falling asleep on the couch.

Do it gradually – important, but not necessarily effective.

Make a routine – partially works but highly dependent on the routine itself.

What I want to suggest: Getting up with a good enough reason to get up that often also leads to negative consequences if you don’t follow through.

What is a good enough reason?

  • Something that holds you accountable, f.x. you made plans with your friend at 8am, so you must get up by 6:30 to make it on time.
  • Something that is inevitable – you have to take your kid to kindergarten at 7am, you have to go to work at 7am.
  • Something that you MUST do – you must get up by 6am because your grandma is visiting at 6:30.

What if I have nothing to get up for?

That is common and usually the number one reason people can’t wake up early. What do you do if you simply have no reason to wake up early?

You have to make one up! The surest way you will always be able to wake up early is to set an early appointment. Whether it’s a meeting with a friend, your job or anything else that makes you get out of the house – it will work. I suggest even considering short ways to volunteer.

You can even go as far to create a “Meet-up” with other people who want to wake up early and find a spot to meet every morning in order to hold each other accountable. Perhaps you can tell your partner that every time you do not get up by 6:30, you owe then 20$. Soon enough, the money will pile up and you will start waking up on time.

Is this really healthy?

Of course, this may seem a bit unhealthy and might go against the reason of why we want to wake up early in the first place. Most of us who want to get up early want to do so so that we have more time to be productive on our own. If we have to go to a meeting that kind of ruins the whole point. Thus, what you need to come up with is an early appointment that aligns with your morning goals – maybe you find a running partner and hold each other accountable.

The possibilities are endless, start thinking about how you can hold yourself accountable for waking up in the morning, how can you set up appointments that are good and beneficial for you, that also allow you to become an early bird?

Photo by Stephen Cook on Unsplash

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