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Vegan options in Athens

Our favorite vegan places in Athens. Space gyros, pizza, burgers and more. Yay to Greek vegan food!

vegan one pot pasta

Savory Vegan One Pot Pasta

Vegan one pot pasta is a perfect weekday meal as apart from all the cutting and chopping, there is only one pot to wash and very little to do. Enjoy this savory dish that you can make in under 30 minutes.

eating vegan in Rhodes

Eating Vegan in Rhodes, Greece

The best place to eat vegan food in Rhodes, rating some of their dishes and tips on finding vegan food in Rhodes.

5 studies to check out when going vegan

5 Studies To Check Out When Going Vegan

What are some 5 studies that everyone should check out if they want to go vegan? How about the one that talks about how Plant Foods Have a Complete Amino Acid Composition?

vegan baklava

Easy Vegan Baklava

Easy vegan baklava with 5 ingredients! Budget friendly and perfect for people who need a sugar kick.

10 tips for vegans

10 tips if you are going vegan

Just a few extra tips for those of you who want to go vegan. It isn’t easy but maybe those tips can help kickstart your journey today.

Vegan Spinach and Lentil Cream Soup

Vegan lentil soup is considered by many the ultimate comfort food. It’s rich in flavor, full of warm spices, and contains a healthy dose of fiber. This hearty vegan soup is hearty enough to satisfy even the hungriest of diners. If you want a hearty soup to whip up in no time, this is the one for you.

Flavour Bastards Copenhagen

Flavour Bastards is a vegan restaurant in Copenhagen which offers tasty plant-based meals that can rock your world.

super tasty vegan pizza

The Tastiest Vegan Pizza

Looking for a super tasty vegan pizza that will make everyone drool? This is the kind of pizza you can give to your grumpy uncle who thinks vegan food sucks – he won’t even know that it is vegan.

Plant-Based Meal Plan Week 2

Easy vegan meal plan for dinners. If you are in need of another weekly meal plan (dinners only) to make your life easier, then this one is for you.

Favorite Easy Vegan Burger

Looking for a super tasty and budget-friendly plant-based burger? This is my favorite plant-based burger recipe.

vegan tofu coconut noodles

Vegan Tofu Coconut Noodles

An incredibly tasty vegan meal high in protein, easy to cook and perfect for vegans who like huge portions. Enjoy vegan coconut tofu noodles!

Eden Jaxx – Copenhagen

Finally got to try Eden Jaxx in Copenhagen (as take away), and here is my experience! By the way, it tastes great.

Easy vegan dahl

The BEST Easy Vegan Daal

A simple, budget-friendly vegan recipe for Daal. Enjoy a plant-based daal made from red and green lentils – so easy to prepare. Perfect dinner for busy days.

My Plant-Based Dinner Meal Plan – Week 1

Enjoy a weekly meal plan for your plant-based dinner. Budget-friendly vegan recipes for every evening from Monday to Sunday! Perfect for beginner vegans.

Vegan Mushroom Pasta with Spinach

A quick and easy recipe for vegan mushroom pasta wish spinach. Made wish coconut milk, it is a budget-friendly plant-based worknight dinner for everyone.

vegan couscous with chickpeas and spinach

Vegan Couscous with Chickpeas

Looking for an easy and healthy vegan meal? Try a quick couscous with chickpeas and spinach that will make the whole family happy.

Vegan Broccoli Meatballs

Vegan broccoli meatballs with parsley and lentils! Make a huge portion of the tastiest meatballs out there!

Classic Ratatouille (Vegan)

Looking for an easy classic recipe for Ratatouille? Enjoy a savory, simple vegan meal perfect for when you need to catch up on your veggies.

Vegan Cream Potatoes

Easy vegan cream potatoes to make in under an hour. They go well with your vegan meatballs, meatloaf or anything else you like! Perfect for the beginner vegan.

5 Easy Vegan Salads

Looking for some easy vegan salads? Enjoy 5 of my favorite salads that are perfect for those winter months – and super easy and quick to make!

Vegan Berry Cake

An easy little berry vegan cake, perfect for the beginner vegan or the beginner cook!

Grønnere – a new vegan cafe in Copenhagen

Grønnere is a new vegan cafe in Copenhagen that will charm you the moment you set foot in the place. With a high focus on sustainability you can also enjoy their collaboration with RelovedCPH and check out a high variety of sustainable products for your home available on their webpage,

beginner vegan tips substitutes

Vegan Food Substitutes

How to replace eggs, milk and cheese in vegan recipes. Just a short introduction for beginner vegans on how to substitute products.

beginner vegan lemon cake

Easy Vegan Lemon Cake

Looking for the easiest vegan cake that also tastes good? Enjoy a simple, budget-friendly and vegan recipe for lemon cake.


How to prepare yourself for a vegan diet

Transitioning to a vegan diet is not easy and there is a lot to consider when doing the switch. Whether you were a vegetarian before, eating everything, a pescatarian or something entirely different, there is definitely going to be a lot for you to learn and explore.

vegan cafe Kaf in Copenhagen

Cafe Kaf in Copenhagen

Looking for a vegan cafe in Copenhagen? Look no further because with Kafe Kaf you have everything you need at affordable prices.

easy vegan casserole

Bulgarian Potatoes with Squash Casserole

Looking for some vegan comfort food as the weather gets bad? Enjoy a simple potato and squash casserole which is both budget friendly and incredibly simple to make.

A super easy vegan meatloaf

Originally posted on Vegan Ducks:
Budget vegan meatloaf I love eating potatoes. If I could, I would probably eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, other people don’t seem to feel the same as I do. That is why whenever I make potatoes, I have to also figure out what to cook as a…

vegan breakfast

What do vegans and vegetarians eat for breakfast?

Ever wondered what vegans and vegetarians like to eat in the morning? Even if you have not, you can find out here. Maybe get inspiration or find out that our habits are similar no matter what our diet is like.

vegan italian food

MadenItaly in Copenhagen

For those of you in Copenhagen looking for vegan Italian food, we got the perfect restaurant. 100% vegan and sustainable.

stop eating fish

Why we should stop eating fish

Fish have feelings, fish feel pain, fish are intelligent – when will we stop torturing them? A case for not eating fish anymore!

vegan mooshies in London


Mooshies is an awesome vegan burger bar in London that you should definitely check out on your next visit to the city! Burgers, hot dogs, cheesecake, you name it.

Chickpea and peas vegan cream soup.

Looking for an easy and tasty starter dish? Enjoy a cream chickpea and pea soup along with some olive buns for your next dinner. A quick weeknight dinner.

vegan meatballs

Vegan Quinoa Veggie Balls

Love meatballs, hate eating meat? Check out a very easy and quick recipe for vegan meatballs made with quinoa and red kidney beans. So tasty!

how to cook quinoa vegan

How to cook quinoa

Cooking quinoa is easier than you think. Learn how to cook quinoa in three simple steps.

easy vegan buns

Easy Vegan Buns with Olives

Looking for some bread to eat on the side with your dinner? Or maybe something to have for breakfast tomorrow? Try the easiest vegan olive buns and surprise your taste buds!

easy vegan banana bread

Vegan Banana Bread

Looking for a budget-friendly easy, vegan snack? Banana bread is the perfect comfort food and one of the healthiest savory options when it comes to cakes.

easy vegan curry

Curry with eggplant and chickpeas

An easy vegan chickpea and eggplant curry for your weeknight dinner. A simple budget-friendly vegan meal ready in under 30 minutes.

vegan rice

Rice with ANY vegetable

Looking for the easiest vegan recipe for when you have leftover vegetables? Try the simple vegan rice that is my ultimate favorite easy recipe.

vegan restaurant copenhagen organic

The Organic Boho – Vegan Copenhagen

Looking for an organic, vegan place to eat in Copenhagen? The organic Boho offers an awesome range of tasty vegan dishes that will satisfy all your cravings.

How to replace eggs in vegan recipes

Wondering how to replace eggs in vegan recipes? It is quite simple and you can learn it in a few minutes! Half a banana is also usually cheaper than an egg.

Souls vegan restaurant in Copenhagen

Souls Copenhagen – 3 locations

Looking for the next vegan restaurant to try in Copenhagen? Check out Souls! With its three locations, you are bound to find what you are searching for.

vegan restaurant in Copenhagen SimpleRAW

SimpleRAW Copenhagen

Looking for a raw vegan restaurant in Copenhagen? Check out simpleRAW located in the heart of the city for your next vegan dinner.

easy vegan chickpea scramble

Easy Chickpea Scramble

Need a quick savory breakfast? Check out a simple recipe for Chickpea Scramble that will make your morning full of flavor.

vegan restaurant in Copenhagen

Plant Power Food Copenhagen

Looking for a nice vegan restaurant in Copenhagen? Check out Plant Power Food next time you need a vegan meal in Copenhagen or some vegan take away.

homemade vegan oat milk

Budget Homemade Vegan Milk (Oat Milk)

Love plant milk in your coffee, hate paying for it? Try this homemade oat milk recipe that will cost you under 1$ per bottle. It is also super simple to make!

easy vegan lasagna

Easiest Vegan Lasagna

Love lasagna, hate eating meat? Just sharing here the easiest vegan lasagna recipe I have ever tried.

vegan myths

5 myths about veganism

People really love myths. Especially myths about why veganism is bad (it is not). Check out 5 funny myths about veganism.

tips for going vegan

Tips for when considering going vegan

Considering going vegan? Changing a diet is a big challenge for many of us and there are lots of things to consider. What are your reasons for going vegan?

tips for vegan meatloaf

A super easy vegan meatloaf

Any vegans missing meatloaf in their life? This is the perfect recipe for lazy vegans who want to eat something a bit tastier for dinner tonight or impress their partner with a quick vegan dinner.

vegan falafel tips

Easy Vegan Falafels

Love falafels but have no time to cook? Check out a really simple recipe for making easy baked falafels every day (if you wish to eat that many).

easy vegan cookies

3 Ingredient Vegan Delicious Cookies

Looking for the easiest recipe for vegan cookies? You got it! Those are the simplest, quickest and best vegan cookies I have ever tried.

vegan tips for beginners

Top 5 Vegan Tips for Beginners

Here are some vegan tips I wish I had heard when I just started cooking vegan food. It surely makes it easier to keep those vegan tips in mind as you start your journey.

Easy Simple Vegan Snacks

Looking for easy vegan snacks? I share some of my favorite snacks here for you to enjoy on a lazy afternoon.. or any time you feel like it.

Easy vegan potato balls

Vegan on a budget – Easy potato balls.

Today I introduce you to one of my favorite vegan side dishes – potato balls. Together with a recipe for easy vegan mayo – they can’t be stopped!

budget food

Vegan on a Budget – Potatoes with Rice

A tasty budget meal from my home land Bulgaria. Vegan Potatoes with Rice! So easy, tasty and budget-friendly. Perfect if you need to cook a vegan meal for the whole family.

patience represented

Patience – it’s so darn hard!

Patience and compassion are often considered some of the most essential virtues for happiness. Here, I share a verse that helps me keep my cool and develop my patience.

vegan on a budget part 4

Vegan on a Budget Part 4

One of the biggest problems I encounter while trying to cook on a budget is what to do when you either like to eat a lot yourself or live with someone who needs big portions. If you have a big family you might also struggle with finding ways to cook in bulk. Here, you can find one of my favorite vegan bulk meals!

the law of karma

The Law of Karma (Cause and Effect)

The law of Karma is probably one of the most popular ones in pop culture and widely discussed in regular speech. Learn a bit about how to use the law of Karma in your everyday life.

how to be vegan on a budget

Vegan on a budget Part 3

More vegan tips and a recipe for easy vegan burritos (free-style). Don’t let recipes hold you back from what you love. Burritos can be so diverse!

vegan on a budget

Vegan on a Budget Part 2

Part 2 of being vegan on a budget. In this post you can find the easiest recipe for red lentil dahl. Simple and easy to cook!

The Law of Giving and Receiving

Learn about the law of giving and receiving to unlock your heart and become a better person. Set your intentions to positivity and allow yourself to give and receive.

Yamas – the rules of social behavior.

The 5 Yamas (or rules of social behavior) can help you increase your awareness in everyday life. Learn more about how to be a better person through honesty, practicing nonviolence, appropriate sexual control, truthfulness and generosity.

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