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Restaurant ARK Copenhagen – vegan fine dining

Vegan fine dining has never been my cup of tea as I have a hard time understanding the concept. I am a fan of big hearty meals like creamy soup, or coconut noodles, but that is not to say I do not want to try new things. Visiting restaurant Ark was a wonderful experience forContinue reading “Restaurant ARK Copenhagen – vegan fine dining”

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Danish vegan raspberry dessert (hindbærsnitter)

Danish pastries are great! Danish vegan desserts and pastries are even better. A Danish has basically become a verb referring to the what the Danes call a “spandauer”, which was actually brought to them by the Austrians. When I first moved to Denmark, I was not a big fan of Danish food, but one thingContinue reading “Danish vegan raspberry dessert (hindbærsnitter)”

Vegan options in Athens

Our favorite vegan places in Athens. Space gyros, pizza, burgers and more. Yay to Greek vegan food!

vegan one pot pasta

Savory Vegan One Pot Pasta

Vegan one pot pasta is a perfect weekday meal as apart from all the cutting and chopping, there is only one pot to wash and very little to do. Enjoy this savory dish that you can make in under 30 minutes.

eating vegan in Rhodes

Eating Vegan in Rhodes, Greece

The best place to eat vegan food in Rhodes, rating some of their dishes and tips on finding vegan food in Rhodes.

5 studies to check out when going vegan

5 Studies To Check Out When Going Vegan

What are some 5 studies that everyone should check out if they want to go vegan? How about the one that talks about how Plant Foods Have a Complete Amino Acid Composition?

vegan meat replacements

Favorite Vegan Meat Alternatives in Copenhagen

Best affordable meat alternatives you can find in Copenhagen, Denmark.

vegan baklava

Easy Vegan Baklava

Easy vegan baklava with 5 ingredients! Budget friendly and perfect for people who need a sugar kick.

10 tips for vegans

10 tips if you are going vegan

Just a few extra tips for those of you who want to go vegan. It isn’t easy but maybe those tips can help kickstart your journey today.


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Vegan desserts

Got a sweet tooth? Check out some easy vegan desserts here.

cheap vegan christmas cookies

Vegan Vanilla and Cinnamon Christmas Cookies

Another recipe for vegan Christmas cookies? Enjoy an easy and budget-friendly vegan Christmas cookies with cinnamon and vanilla.

Easy vegan christmas cookies

The Easiest Vegan Christmas Cookies 🎅

Looking for the easiest vegan Christmas cookies? Here is a vegan recipe of only 4 ingredients that will make the whole family smile!

sweet vegan pumpkin

Sweet pumpkin slices for Halloween

Enjoy some sweet pumpkin slices this Halloween. The simplest Halloween treat for everyone!


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